Eating in Surry Hills by Jeroxie

Eating in Surry Hills by Jeroxie

31 March 2012 | Tags : Review

When I was in Melbourne, there was a couple nice local restaurants that we can walk to for dinner. However, we usually had to drive between five to ten minutes either to Flemington or Footscray for more delicious goodness. Moving forward from Melbourne, we are both living in Surry Hills. In my opinion, it is a food mecca in Sydney. Maybe I don’t know any better as there is still so much to explore but I can walk 5 minutes and will be spoilt for choices.

Fitzroy street in Surry is one of the streets that I will like to conquer. There are a bunch of interesting restaurants in this tiny stretch and it seems most of these restaurants here are usually packed! Missy K is one of them. The menu is sort of Pan Asian and is known for its dumplings. It has a small dining area. It may fit up to 20 people. How do they make money? I guess from both catering and delivery.

Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil.

I know I know… it’s a dumpling house and we did not get dumplings. We got chilli wontons instead. I love it! The wonton skin was silky and smooth. The pork filling was juicy and packed with flavour. The best thing about this was the sauce. It was nutty and a nice note of chilli. I liked the freshness of the herbs and crunchy raw bean sprouts.

The pad see ew was surprisingly good! It had nice charred flat noodles. The chicken slices was not dry but moist. Mister spied some fermented beans in the sauce. I did wish for a little more egg. I like more egg in my pad see ew. This is a personal preference. I reckon it is a good and affordable price at $14.50.

The last dish was the least impressive. I got us a plate of steamed Snapper with soy, ginger and shallot. It was served with white rice and a side of bok choy. It was a little on the bland side and the snapper was over cooked. So it was a little dry. After the chilli wonton and pad see ew, this really paled in comparison. Maybe a touch more soy and white pepper? Or even sesame oil? ($16.50)

This is great. I really like Missy K. The food is fresh, the produce used is quite ethical and the price is right. Another local on our favourite list. Do you have a favourite local?

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