Missy K Reviewed By Figs and Brie

Missy K Reviewed By Figs and Brie

16 March 2012 | Tags : Review

During the shitstorm that was Sydney weather last week, we decided it would be a good idea to head down to Surry Hills for dinner from Oxford St. Coincidentally during the fifteen minutes it took us to walk down Riley St, the clouds decided it would be the perfect time to open up and pelt us with freezing cold rain that no level of skilled umbrella use could shield. Needless to say, we were more than relieved when we found the haven of warmth and food that was Missy K. We had initially planned on going to Miss Chu however received a tip from Simon at the Darlinghurst Carhartt store who advised that this is a newer place in a similar pan-Asian vein but better (i.e. no Seinfeld Soup Nazism). I still haven't visited the infamous Miss Chu so I can't say whose food I prefer, but in that weather we really appreciated the in-door seating.

I shared three dishes with Kat, who eats like a bird with a tiny stomach. There's a wide selection of dumpling fillings on the menu but we settled for the simple steamed prawn dumplings. These were fantastic, soft translucent skins encasing succulent prawn filling. Perfect with the slightly sweet and tart soy dressing and a bit of the chilli oil.

My childhood love, Peking style duck pancakes came ready-made and stacked up on top of each other. In each neat pancake wrap was the standard cucumber stick, shallot, sauce and a slice or two of roasted duck. These ones had a little more meat than traditional cuts of mostly skin and fat, but were fantastic regardless.

The fresh rice paper rolls were excellent too, there's three varieties to choose from and we went for the sugar cured Atlantic salmon with avocado and pickled ginger. The rolls were fat and packed tightly, the delicate rice paper skins barely containing the fillings of salmon, avocado, carrot, lettuce and vermicelli; served with a shot glass of a sweet, sticky sauce topped with chopped peanuts which made a fantastic accompaniment.

We were mistakenly delivered a plate of the pan fried gyoza so I took a sneaky snap before fighting an internal conflict whether to alert the waitress about the mix-up. They looked so good with their charred skins sprinkled with sesame seeds I was tempted just to eat them and destroy the evidence.

I copped some major, major food envy when this big bowl of steaming, fragrant goodness was brought to the table. Dang's roasted duck and flat noodle soup looked and tasted amazing, heartwarming broth rich with flavours of duck with lovely flat rice noodles, a generous amount of tasty tender roast duck topped with bean sprouts and herbs. Perfect comfort food for the awful weather.

Louise, our token non-Asian at the table was decidedly unadventurous and went for the pad see ew. It was great but come on and try some duck, girl! (#whitepeople, right?)

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